Protective Sleeves

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  • Police K9 Sleeve

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    BEST SELLER! The Police K-9 Sleeve is for advanced full grown K9’s.
    with our Law Enforcement and Military agencies, made from bite suit material. (No Nylon )

    Multiple layers of padding for full protection. Lined with a durable water repellent material for a cooler and dryer feel. Fits snug on the entire arm to the top of the shoulder.
    High grade grip handle for added control and comfort. This sleeve offers a more realistic bite and more mobility than any other sleeve on the market today!
    Ambidextrous Black in Color

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  • Quick Release Leg Sleeves – Velcro Closure

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    Horton’s Quick Release Leg Sleeves with VELCRO closure.

    Made from premium quality linen. This sleeve fits snug to your leg with comfort. Builds full mouth strong grips. Horton’s leg sleeve is designed for a quick reward and is quick to put back on.
    PLEASE CHOOSE BITE LEVEL BELOW: Level #1 PUPPY QR LEG SLEEVE IS 18″ tall and has a Nylon handle sewn in top for control different from picture. Level #2 and Level #3 (Advanced) are has pictured and both measure 32″ tall
    Manufactured and Designed by Horton’s
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  • Soft Bar Puppy Sleeve

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    One piece soft bar puppy sleeve made with our very own designed synthetic bite material that is made in the USA.

    Great for transition from puppy rags and tugs to this sleeve.
    The soft bar is padded and designed to help build a full mouth grip.
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  • Synthetic Bite Pillow

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    Synthetic Bite Pillow 16″ x 9″ with handles

    Made with synthetic bite material with three reinforced hose handles with tubular nylon webbing covering the hose then they are sewn through the handles into pillow for strength and durability, this Bite Pillow will help build strong grips for your Police K9, Military working dogs, Schutzhund, and Professional Working Dog trainers. Strongest pillow on the market

    Designed and manufactured by Horton’s, in the USA.

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